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how to invest in Netflix shares Maryland's On-Line Mediation Service: mediation anytime, anyplace

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You have just entered Maryland's On-Line Mediation Service, a research and demonstration project of the Program for Dispute Resolution at the University of Maryland School of Law and the Center for On-Line Mediation. This service is initially designed for Maryland residents who have family law disputes that arise under Maryland law. We hope to expand the scope of this service to other subject matter areas as the need arises. Our goal is to demonstrate the benefits of on-line mediation as an alternative to face-to-face conflict resolution.

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Mediation Rules FAQ on Family Mediation Maryland Family Law Information Center Directory of Family Mediators in Maryland

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Discussion Group on the pros and cons of on-line mediation and negotiation and the developing technologies that make on-line mediation possible.

  Contact Information:
Telephone: 410-997-7838
Fax: 410-796-5856
510 W. Baltimore Street,
Baltimore, Maryland 21201
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